Terms Of Entry, Indemnity and Waiver

By entering any events presented by Live adventure (Pty) Ltd., I do hereby release and discharge the organizer, any and all sponsors, volunteers, any local or government authorities from any claim, damage or property loss that I may suffer arising from my participation in this event.

I accept that this is a tough & demanding physical challenge and accordingly a potentially dangerous activity.

I accept that although adequate safety measures will be in place, the risk of personal accident or injury cannot be completely excluded due to the nature of the event itself, and the geographic location in which it takes place.

I confirm that I am physically and mentally well and fit, I am sufficiently trained and able to participate in exercise of this nature without undue risk to my health, and I assume all risks for such participation.

I accept that if my medical aid/travel insurance does not cover me for this type of event, I fully acknowledge that ALL evacuation/hospitalization/medical costs will be for my own expense and will not be covered by the organizers, land owners or sponsors of the race.

In the case of extreme weather or any other circumstances that may warrant such a decision, Live Adventure as overall event organisers, have the right to change the routes if necessary or cancel the event.

I acknowledge that while every measure possible is taken by Live adventure to provide an adequate level of safety to all entrants, where the event takes place in or traverses areas of a national park, game farm or wildlife reserve, entrants are exposed to a wide variety of potentially dangerous wild game animals (including possible exposure to hippo, and ‘Big 5’ animals such as Cape buffalo and leopard), venomous snakes (including but not limited to puff adders, boomslangs and cape cobras) and venomous insects.

Live Adventure is not responsible or liable for any loss, injury, damage, accident or inconvenience to any person, or his or her luggage, or other property as a result of their exposure to any of the wildlife found within the event location.

Live Adventure is not responsible or liable for any act of God, strike, riot, civil disobedience, theft or other condition or event beyond its control that may impact on the participant.

I acknowledge that should an event be cancelled by the event organisers for whatever reason, unless otherwise stipulated, I give up my right to claim my entry fee back, in order to help cover all administrative and operational costs that may have been incurred by the organisers up to that point. I accept that should I cancel my entry myself, I have no right to claim a refund of any fees (unless otherwise stipulated for a specific event).

I confirm that I am aware that a refusal to cooperate with the reasonable instructions of the race doctor or medical personnel to accept medical intervention or to retire from the race will result in my immediate disqualification and will relieve the organizers of any/all responsibility for my wellbeing.

I grant my permission to use my name, race information and photographs, video tapes, broadcasts and telecasts in which I may appear, free of charge.

I agree to allow the event organiser and their sponsors to contact me with promotional material.